Clinical Study Success

Bringing together clinicians and developers is essential for research and development in health care innovations. We believe that creating a network of ideas, approaches and feedback is an essential part of any new system to guarantee a high level of relevance. This is why our R&D starts in the clinic, talking to the experts. The CICERO study, run in partnership with NUTH and supported by Innovate UK, gained us direct access to the clinicians and highlighted the challenges they face. This ensured important decisions were made accurately in the early stages of Videometrics. In addition, we were able to test the performance of the features and enhancements with real patient data, as we built an archive of cystoscopy examination recordings as part of the project.


This would not have been possible without the support of Innovate UK, the funding allowed us to fund the CICERO study as well as building the project team and successfully developing the system. The support made a huge difference and allowed us to proceed into the development stage accurately and faster than would have otherwise been possible.


Will Dracup, CEO: “The whole process was absolutely key to making sure we were going in the right direction, and I would say the biggest benefit was the interactions with the clinical experts to ensure that the product does what they need.”

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