Benefits of Videometrics

Videometrics has the potential to benefit your clinic in three key ways, providing a new way to:

Improve patient care

Improve clinic performance

Save costs

Improved Patient Care

The enormous psychological burden of a bladder cancer diagnosis for a patient means that the diagnosis pathway should be as efficient as possible. Flexible cystoscopy using white light is the most common method for investigations of the bladder in patients with symptoms suggestive of bladder cancer 1 2. Each year over 15,000 patients are referred for diagnosis in the UK, with over 10,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed 3. The diagnosis pathway should be as robust as possible to minimise patient distress through false positive or negative results following the flexible white light cystoscopy.

Every patient can receive a Consultants opinion

Where the procedure is performed by less experienced cystoscopy examiners, a second opinion can be sought with ease, even when the Consultant Urologist cannot attend the clinic. Videos of the area of concern can be recorded during the session and sent to a Consultant Urologist for a second opinion as soon as they are available.

Minimise patient discomfort

Previously, to obtain a Consultant opinion the patient would have to wait mid procedure for the consultant to attend. Videometrics allows the procedure to be completed and a second opinion sought later, minimising the patient’s discomfort.

Prevent automatic referral

Following the cystoscopy, a Consultant Urologist’s opinion on the diagnosis or next steps for a patient could reduce the number of false positive referrals for follow up procedures. This could reduce the number of patients undergoing unnecessary and potentially risky procedures.

Assign videos from an examiner to a Consultant Urologist for an expert opinion to provide the best care and experience for the patient.

Improved Clinic Performance

No matter how large or small your cystoscopy clinic is, the time of the Consultant Urologists is precious. In more than 50% of NHS trusts staff other than Consultant Urologists performed cystoscopies 4. Videometrics can aid training and support for more junior members of staff, enabling them to perform cystoscopy examinations and allowing Consultant Urologists to spend more time with the priority cases they need to see.

More junior staff performing flexible cystoscopy procedures with confidence.

The ability to record a video of areas of potential concern for review allows staff other than Consultant Urologists to perform cystoscopies and have confidence in their decisions of next steps for a patient.

Reduce the number of false positive referrals from an initial cystoscopy.

Previously, in cases which had an area of potential concern in a cystoscope investigation and no Consultant opinion was available to confirm the diagnosis, the patient was referred to a surgeon due to the potential implications of missing a cancer diagnosis. Using Videometrics, any areas of concern can be referred to the consultant before a decision on the next steps are made.

Consultant Urologists can spend more time with the patients they need to see.

Spend more time with the patients you need to see without running every cystoscopy clinic. Answer the queries from the clinic in your own time, without having to be in two places at once.

Potential for training

All videos recorded and sent via Videometrics are stored securely on the server. These allow for training opportunities using real examples.

Cost Saving

Typically, patients diagnosed with low risk non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) receive follow up cystoscopies at 3, 6 and 12 months following diagnosis, followed by an annual cystoscopy for 4 years4.  Bladder cancer is one of the most expensive cancers for the NHS due to the prevalence of the condition, rates of recurrence and nature of its management, specifically follow-up protocols5.  Flexible white light cystoscopy is the most cost-effective method to detect NMIBC recurrence, despite the fact it is an invasive and relatively expensive procedure 6.

Use junior staff to run the day to day cystoscopy clinics

Videometrics allows more junior staff to confidently perform cystoscopy clinics. Any ambiguous areas can be recorded and referred to the expert Consultant for a second opinion.

Reduce the number of unnecessary procedures

The opportunity for an experienced Consultant Urologist to review videos prior to referral could reduce the number of false positive referrals for further procedures which would be unnecessary.

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