The system

What does Videometrics do?

During a haematuria or surveillance cystoscopy clinic, videos can be recorded by the examiner with a press of a foot pedal and shared with the Consultant Urologist to confirm a diagnosis. This enables an experienced Consultant to make the call on any cystoscopy, reducing unnecessary re-admissions and improving many patients’ care experience while at the same time reducing costs.

The Key Benefits of Videometrics consultation system

Using Videometrics means that every patient who has an area causing the examiner concern can get the benefit of a Consultant’s experience. This in turn reduces the number of unnecessary secondary procedures (without an expert opinion, a less experienced examiner would rightly err on the side of caution and make a referral) therefore saving a patient unnecessary general anaesthetic, a Consultant from preparing for an unnecessary procedure, and the health care system benefits from cost savings.

A new way to improve patient care

Every patient can have access to an expert Consultant opinion, even if the Consultant wasn’t in attendance at the clinic. Allowing an expert second opinion reduces the number of false positive referrals and unnecessary patient procedures.

A new way to improve clinic performance

Videometrics can be used as a training aid for the clinical team and allows the expertise of the Consultant Urologist to be shared with cystoscopy examiners.

A new way to save costs

Cost savings from the use of Videometrics would arise from fewer false positive referrals from the initial flexible cystoscopy.
More efficient biopsies could be performed following review of the initial cystoscopy videos recorded in Videometrics.

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The Software

The Videometrics software manages the videos recorded during the cystocopy examination. Videos and associated notes for each patient can be sent between staff within the clinic for opinions and training.

Password protected access

Videos are labelled with a unique ID

Notes and queries are associated with each video

All videos are stored on the server with easy access when required.

Videos requiring an urgent response can be highlighted.

Additional Features in Research and Development

Including image enhancement features currently under regulatory review.

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The Hardware

Videometrics hardware designed to record high quality videos

Videometrics records high quality video of the cystoscopy session. Simply scan the patient bar code at the start of the session and use the foot pedal to record a video clip.

High quality recording of videos

Bar code recognition and labelling of videos for each patient

Works with your existing camera system in the cystoscopy clinic

Videos can be transferred to the network

Technical Details

Hardware requirements

The Videometrics recorder hardware attaches to your existing flexible cystoscopy system using the HDMI or SDI port.

Dimensions of recorder: 44 x 34 x 10.5 cm.

Software requirements

  Windows 7, 8, 10

  32 and 64 bit